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HATP: Basic usage - OLD VERSION

This page only list the old way to use HATP, to get an updated version please see here

This page present a basic set of commands to use HATP, for extended use of HATP please refer to the component's page (links here)

If you need a quick setup guide please see here.

1. Basic run

1.1. Automatic method

The automatic version takes care of starting all the modules properly. It relies on a script called run in the root of HATPOnboard.

To start it simply call it, it will prompt several information:


Here is an exemple of interraction:

Please choose a domain file in the following list :
     1  data/ArcasProject/arcas1.dom
     2  data/ArcasProject/arcas2.dom
     3  data/ArcasProject/arcas3.dom
     4  data/ArcasProject/arcas4.back.dom
     5  data/ArcasProject/arcas4.dom
     6  data/ArcasProject/arcas5.back.dom
     7  data/ArcasProject/arcas5.dom
     8  data/ArcasProject/arcas6.back.dom
     9  data/ArcasProject/arcas6.dom
    10  data/ArcasProject/arcas7.dom
    11  data/BeliefTest/bmTest.dom
    12  data/CleanTheTable/clean1.dom
    13  data/CleanTheTable/clean2.dom
    14  data/CleanWithBelief/cleanBM.dom
    15  data/DWR-shop2/dwr.dom
    16  data/LibraryPR2/lib.dom
    17  data/Tests/test2.dom
    18  data/Tests/test.dom
    19  data/UncoverTheToy/uncover.dom
        (to add a new line, add the .dom file in the HATPOnboard/data folder)

Choice : [Enter to reuse : data/ArcasProject/arcas7.dom, 'F' to force rebuild]
<Here type either enter to reuse the same domain, or the number of the new domain to use or F to use the same domain but to force its rebuild>

You chose : data/ArcasProject/arcas7.dom

Please choose a cost file in the following list :
     1  data/ArcasProject/arcas.cost
     2  data/BeliefTest/bmTest.cost
     3  data/CleanTheTable/clean.cost
     4  data/CleanWithBelief/cleanBM.cost
     5  data/DWR-shop2/dwr.cost
     6  data/LibraryPR2/lib.cost
     7  data/Tests/test.cost
     8  data/UncoverTheToy/uncover.cost
        (to add a new line, add the .cost file in the HATPOnboard/data folder)

Choice : [Enter to reuse : data/ArcasProject/arcas.cost]
<Here type either enter to reuse the same cost file, or the number of the new cost file to use or F to use the same cost file but to force its rebuild>

You chose : data/ArcasProject/arcas.cost
************** START HATP DOMAIN EXEC **************
Fact database initialization done.
HTN description done.
File for fact database initialization written.
Files for HTN tasks written.
Files for Belief Management written.
File for HTN initialization written.
File for social rules written.
File for social rule base initialization written.
User functions for costs copied.
*************** END HATP DOMAIN EXEC ***************

{i} All the possible file are automatically detected as long as there are in data folder AND the have the right extension: either .dom or .cost.

On the two line where you have an input to give, the script automatically proposes the choice used the previous time.

Now everything should start.

2. Quick install guide

This guide is a shorter way to setup everything up, if you face any problem please refer to each module's install page.

This guide is based on a robotpkg install, so robotpkg should be installed and working (see here). Since all modules are still in robotpkg/wip, it should also be properlly installed (see here).

If you are not used to install via commands, see the short summary in this Appendix.

2.1. Install the needed modules

To install all the needed modules :

cd <robotpkg>/wip
make update -C hatponboard-lib
make update -C hatpconsole
make update -C hatptester

It is assumed that everything is installed in ${ROBOTPKG_BASE}.

2.2. Prepare the core

Once everything is installed it is necessary to prepare HATP before calling the run script. First download HATP:

git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/hatp/hatponboard
cd hatponboard
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_MODULE_PATH=${ROBOTPKG_BASE}/share/cmake/Modules/

To finish to set the environment, set the environment variable HATP_BASE. Can be done in your ~/.bashrc or by hand:

export HATP_BASE="<path/to/hatp>/hatponboard"

Finally test the installation on a domain:

cd ..

The last command will ask you to select a domain and a cost file (like the run script would). If it fails to compile the chosen domain then a problem occured in the install process.

3. See also

For further detail on the different modules please refer to:

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