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How to install HATP's core

This page describe how to install the install HATP in ROS. The old way to install HATP using msgconnector is described here.

This page uses the common way to give commands, the Appendix section summarises it.

{i} A quick setup guide can be found here.

1. Dependencies

HATP has external dependencies on:

Those can be found on most package managers, alternatively they can be installed using robotpkg.

2. Install in ROS

We will show here the steps to install HATP in ROS. The process may seem a bit counter-intuitive hence this detailed description.

2.1. Get the metapackage

To install HATP you must first download the ROS metapakage, because all the other modules fits inside it.

cd <catkin_ws>/src/
git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/hatp/hatp_ros.git hatp

It should create a 'hatp' directory in your source directory.

2.2. Get the modules

Pull the source code in your ROS directory (catkin workspace).

cd <catkin_ws>/src/hatp

git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/hatp/hatp_msgs.git

git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/hatp/hatponboard-lib.git

git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/hatp/hatponboard.git

git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/hatp/hatptester.git

git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/hatp/hatpconsole.git

2.3. Compile HATP

Compile using the classical ROS approach:

cd <catkin_ws>

Now you can use it, please refer to HATP/run to get a quick guide on how to start HATP.

3. Appendix

The commands use the following rules:

For instance:

ls [-R] <some/path>

means you have to call either:

ls /home/username/


ls -R /home/username/

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