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HATP: Hierarchical Agent-based Task Planner

Under construction !

HATP is an open-source HTN planner developed by LAAS

The documentation: HATP-User-Documentation.pdf (install part is deprecated, refer to this page for updated version).

Intro: to come

To know the compatibility of HATP with your system please see: Compatibility grid.

This grid only represents the state of the robotpkg packages, not the Git version ... may be different.

1. Most important pages


Set of instruction on how to install HATP's core


Page presenting a quick setup guide and basic usage


Presents some information on domain writing


Page aimed at developers that want to go further in the details

2. HATP's main components

HATP is composed of several parts:


The core of the planner (actual planning process)


The plan displayer, allows to visualise the plan in different format


The plan-request sender, sends planning requests to the core


The middleware used by all the components to communicate (deprecated, now relies on ROS)


A C++ to handle plan found by HATP (deprecated, now integrated in ROS messages)

3. Overview of HTN task planning

4. HATP, more than an HTN planner

5. References

The documentation: HATP-User-Documentation.pdf (install part is deprecated, refer to this page to updated version).

To get more information on the HATP domains' language, see HATP/doc.

To get a insight on HATP's inner mechanic please look at HATP/dev.

5.1. List of publications

HATP: An HTN Planner for Robotics, PlanRob 2014, R. Lallement, L. de Silva and R. Alami

On Human-aware Task and Motion Planning Abilities for a Teammate Robot, RSS HRCIM 2014, R. Alami, M. Gharbi, B. Vadant, R. Lallement and A. Suarez

6. Acknowledgement

This software has been developed in the following projects:

ARCAS logo
ARCAS Project


ANR logo
MaRDi project

ANR logo

7. Troubleshooting

If facing problem contact a maintainer (addresses bellow), or go to the bug tracker: https://git.openrobots.org/projects/hatp.

8. License and Maintainer

HATP is distributed under 2-clause BSD license. (See here for details.)

Current maintainer(s):

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