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hatptester, the plan-request sender

This page presents hatptester, a module of HATP that helps to send plan requests to HATP.

This GUI aims at making domain-building easier. Indeed it eases request sending to HATP.

Moreover this GUI automatically gets all entities and tasks (actions and methods) form HATP. This allow to create requests with proper value for each parameter.

1. Install hatptester

To get a detailed install instructions on how to install hatptester please refer the the install page.

To install hatptester with the old way, using msgconnector, please see the page about the deprecated version.

2. Use hatptester

To start hatptester simply call:

rosrun hatptester hatptester

If hatponboard is also started then you will be able to get a list of tasks (actions and methods) in the left panel.

hatptester looks like:

The left panel presents the list of all methods and actions that HATP extracted from the domain.

The right panel presents all the parameters for the chosen task. For each parameter the line gives its type, a "random" name and a spinner with all possible values for this parameter.

On the bottom-left the text gives informations:

The bottom-right has two part, the line to set a time limit. This allows to stop HATP before it computes all the possible plans. The "Set" button is enabled as soon as a change is done to the time limit (toggle it or change its value).

Finally the bottom-right buttons allow to send the request. You can request either the first plan or all possible plans. If the button are disabled it means the request misses some parameters, see bottom-left panel to get more informations.

Logging facility

When compiled with the correct option (see above), hatptester logs its state during the execution. This allows to have a lot of information on its internal state.

The file is called logger.log and is created where hatptester is called.

3. Changelog

3.1. Version 1.0.0

3.2. Version 1.1.0

3.3. Version 1.2.0

3.4. Version 1.3.0

3.5. Version 1.4.1

3.6. Version 1.5.0

3.7. Version 1.5.2/1.5.3

3.8. Version 1.6.1

4. License, Troubleshooting and Maintainer

HATP is distributed under 2-clause BSD license. (See here for details.)

The page to report problems or for pull request: Openrobots/hatptester.

Current maintainer(s):

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