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hatpconsole, the plan dispalyer

This page presents hatpconsole, a module of HATP to display the plan found to a request.

1. Install hatpconsole

To get a detailed install instructions on how to install hatpconsole please refer the the install page.

To install hatpconsole with the old way, using msgconnector, please see the page about the deprecated version.

2. Use hatpconsole

2.1. Normal mode

To start hatpconsole simply call:

rosrun hatpconsole hatpconsole

It has one parameter, the mode, which you can set to normal (this section) or minimal (next section). To change it use the traditional ROS parameter (see here). The parameter is called /hatpconsole/mode, see the --help output for more details.

hatpconsole looks like:

The left panel is dedicated to the ontology requests, it displays all the value from the ontology server.

The top-right panel, called "System messages" displays several informations from HATP. Like:

Finally the bottom-right panel, "Plan result", is composed of three tabs:

The last two tabs use vectorial pictures where it is possible to zoom in and out to get more details.

To have a better view over the plan you can get its content from the folder where you are running the hatpconsole. There should be two files: planStreams.svg and planTree.svg. The files are svg files (.dat extension for old version of hatpconsole) so you can display them with viewer programs (for instance Inkscape).

2.2. Minimal mode

To start hatpconsole in minimal mode, you can call:

rosrun hatpconsole hatpconsole _mode:=minimal

Another way to change the mode is to use the traditionnal ROS parameter (see here).

The minimal mode outputs:

The viewer shows the last computed plan and it is possible to zoom in and out.

3. Changelog

3.1. Version 0.6

3.2. Version 1.0.0

3.3. Version 1.0.1

3.4. Version 1.1.0

3.5. Version 1.1.1

3.6. Version 1.2.0

3.7. Version 2.0.0

3.8. Version 2.1.1

4. License, Troubleshooting and Maintainer

HATP is distributed under 2-clause BSD license. (See here for details.)

The page to report problems or for pull request: Openrobots/hatpconsole.

Current maintainer(s):

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