Modifier processing is a specific phase between datastream processing and real component processing. It allows us to apply some generic transformations on the data (for example, convert from one frame convention to another), or to alter the qualities of data to make them more realistic.

List of existing modifiers

Adding a modifier to a component

Binding a component to use a modifier is done through the MORSE Builder API, using the method morse.builder.abstractcomponent.AbstractComponent.alter(). For example, to transform coordinates from local Blender frame to some absolute UTM reference frame, you can use the UTM conversion modifier in this way:

from morse.builder import *

robot = ATRV()

gps = GPS()

env = Environment('empty', fastmode = True)'123456789.0', UTMYOffset=-4242.0, UTMZOffset=421.0)

Sometimes, you need to pass some arguments to your modifier, for example to set the standard deviation of your gaussian noise. In such cases, you can use the following syntax:

import math
from morse.builder import *

robot = ATRV()

pose = Pose()
pose.alter('Noise', pos_std  = 0.10, rot_std = math.radians(10))

env = Environment('empty', fastmode = True)

Creating a new modifier

Please see the developer documentation: Creating a modifier.