This modifier allows to simulate Gaussian noise for pose measurements. If the variable orientation exists, it is taken to be a unit quaternion and noise added to it. Otherwise rotational noise will be added to the roll, pitch and yaw variables.

This modifier attempts to alter data x, y and z for position, and either orientation or yaw, pitch and roll for orientation.

The PoseNoise modifier provides as modifiers:

Configuration parameters for PoseNoise

You can set these parameters in your scripts with <component>.alter('PoseNoise', <property1>=..., <property2>=...).

  • pos_std (dict, default: {'x': 0.05, 'y': 0.05, 'z': 0.05})
    Standard deviation for position noise as dictionary with x,y,z as floats
  • rot_std (dict, default: {'roll': 0.08726646259971647, 'pitch': 0.08726646259971647, 'yaw': 0.08726646259971647})
    Standard deviation for rotation noise of roll,pitch,yaw axes as floats in radians
  • _2D (bool, default: False)
    If True, noise is only applied to 2D pose attributes (i.e., x, y and yaw)

Sources of examples

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