This modifier converts the coordinates generated by the MORSE simulator to use UTM global coordinates. This is achieved by setting the offset of the Blender origin with respect to the UTM reference. The offset can be either given in the modifier parameters, or globally defined as three properties of the Scene_Script_Holder object of the scene: UTMXOffset, UTMYOffset and UTMZOffset.


Due to limitation in Blender, to pass offset outside of range [-10000.0, 10000.0] as global scene properties, you need to pass the offset value as a string.

This modifier attempts to alter data x, y and z of modified components.

The UTM modifier provides as modifiers:

Configuration parameters for UTM

You can set these parameters in your scripts with <component>.alter('UTM', <property1>=..., <property2>=...).

  • x_offset (float, default: 0)
    UTM X Offset
  • y_offset (float, default: 0)
    UTM Y Offset
  • z_offset (float, default: 0)
    UTM Z Offset

Sources of examples

(This page has been auto-generated from MORSE module morse.modifiers.utm.)