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Installing GenoM3

This pages explains what need to be installed to run GenoM3 (the program itself), the templates and some additional tools.

robotpkg is the preferred way to install the different program as it automatically takes care of dependencies. We indicate (the robotpkg path / or the git repository) in case you want to use the git version:

You will need to install (if not already done), the following software:

if you want to control your modules from tcl you need to install:

if you plan to use OpenPRS with Transgen3 as a supervisor to control your modules you need to install:

Through robotpkg, you just need to make update in the given directories above, where through git, you should need to do the follow commands:

       export INSTALL_DIR=${HOME}/openrobots
       export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$INSTALL_DIR/lib/pkgconfig

then for each component:

       git clone git://trac.laas.fr/robots/ELEMENTYOUWANTTOINSTALL
       autoreconf -vi
       mkdir build && cd build
       ../configure --prefix=$INSTALL_DIR
       make install

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