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Transgen3 is the version of Transgen to be used with GenoM3. Transgen3 is a tool to produce an OpenPRS supervisor able to control a number of GenoM3 modules. One just needs to declare the various GenoM3 modules one want to supervise together, and Transgen3 will build an OpenPRS supervisor which will include all the basic OpenPRS procedures to call the services of the various modules or read the ports available. It will also load in this supervisor all the encoding/decoding functions required to parse the arguments and the reports of the services.

Transgen3 requires the openprs/client GenoM3 template which produces all the data and libraries mentionned above. In fact, Transgen3 just "glue" all these in one supervisor for your convenience. Note that you can define your own higher level procedures which will be also included in the OpenPRS supervisor.

Download and Install

There are a number of ways to install Transgen3. The easiest way it to install it with robotpkg. Install robotpkg and robotpkg-wip, and then:

cd robotpkg/wip/transgen3
make update

You may also grab the source tree with git (this will contain the most recent bleeding edge version):

git clone git://softs.laas.fr/git/robots/transgen.git
cd transgen
git checkout genom3
mkdir build
cd build
make install

Note that if you use the git version you should checkout the genom3 branch.


Two tutorials are available to learn how to use the basics of Transgen3 and OpenPRS.

Bug report

Bug reports and problems should be sent to me: felix@laas.fr

Requirements and supported OS

These are the requirements to install transgen3:

GenoM3 (you will also need the ROS templates or the pocolibs templates, plus the OpenPRS client template), OpenPRS... in any case, the configure will tell you if something is missing.

If you install transgen3 with robotpkg, all requirements are taken care of automatically, but most likely you will need to install robotpkg/wip/genom3-ros or robotpkg/wip/genom3-pocolibs, as one or the other is required when using robotpkg/wip/genom3-openprs.

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