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Geometric reasoning and symbol grounding in SPARK

All the properties are send to the ontology server ONLY when they change.

Scene status

In the robot's model:
  [Object ID] isMoving true|false

Spatial relationships

At each SPARK iteration, all the following relationships are tested:

for R in [isIn, isOn, isNextTo]
  for obj1, obj2 in Objects:
    check(obj1 R obj2)

for R in [relativePosition]:
  for obj in Objects, agent in Agents:
    check(obj1 R agent)

relativePosition are summarized in this figure:

SPARK relative positions

Updates to the spatial relationships are only sent to the robot's model.


In EACH agents' model:
  [Object ID] isVisible true|false
  [Object ID] isReachable true|false

Agent focus tracking

Explaning looksAt, pointsAt, focusesOn

Computed facts:

In the robot's model:
  [Agent ID] pointsAt [Object ID]
  [Agent ID] looksAt [Object ID]

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