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robotpkg as package manager for Nao

This page explains step by step how to install and configure robotpkg on the Nao robot.

robotpkg is a package manager that allows to easily install and keep up-to-date a variety of softwares focused on academic robotics. You can learn more about robotpkg on its homepage.

List of software packages available in robotpkg (note that some are not relevant to the Nao robot, like the ones requiring a GUI).

This should work with both Atom-based and Geode-based Nao (ie, Nao v3 and v4).

Installing OpenNao packages on Nao

It is normally not possible to install OpenNao packages on Nao (the emerge tool is not provided)

Installation of robotpkg

Many of the actions we will perform require root access. For convenience, you can edit /etc/sudoers with su -c "vim /etc/sudoers" and change it that way:

root    ALL=(ALL) ALL
nao     ALL=(ALL) ALL

This let you execute all actions requiring root access with sudo.

   1 $ cd /
   2 $ sudo tar -xf ~/bootstrap.tar.gz

export OPENROBOTS=/opt/openrobots

# make sure 'sudo' keep your PATH
alias sudo='sudo env PATH=$PATH'

$ sudo robotpkg_add http://robotpkg.openrobots.org/packages/bsd/OpenNao-
$ sudo robotpkgin update


You can now call from any place robotpkgin <action> <package>

For instance:

Check robotpkg --help or man robotpkgin for the complete list of actions.

As of September 2013, robotpkgin does not install nor list the system dependencies required by the packages.

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