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Roboscopie, the robot takes the stage!

Watch it!

Short version (3 min)

Full-length version (18 min)

The storyline

Xavier and PR2, its robotic companion, try to find ways to understand each other.

Xavier and PR2 share a white, almost empty, stage. To get the robot to see his world, Xavier must keep being recognized by the human tracking module that lies on the wall, and must stick everywhere 2D barcodes, instead of the real objects. The robot can read and identify these barcodes, and while the stage gets covered by the tags, the robot constructs for itself a 3D world with the right-looking objects: a phone, a lamp, a hanger...

While Xavier is drawing by hand more and more of these 2D tags, the robot tries to offer its help. It brings first a bottle of water, then a fan... which blows away all Xavier's code. Angry, Xavier leaves, and PR2 remains alone.

The night comes, and the robot decides to explore the stage, scattered with those barcodes on the ground.

On the next morning, Xavier enters, and as soon as he gets recognized by the tracking system, he discovers that the robot's 3D model is a mess, full of random objects: an elephant, a boat, a van... Xavier resets the robot model with a special black tag, and starts to tidy up the place.

The robot decides to help, fetchs a trashbin, but starts to behave strangely (or is it playing?) and both Xavier and PR2 start a clumsy basket ball game with paper balls.

The robot suddently gives up and a new program slowly starts: a home-training session. Xavier seems to be expecting it, switches his tshirt, and starts the exercices. But as the program goes along, the robot looks more and more menacing, up to the point that Xavier shouts "Stop!".

Xavier shows one after the other the objects -- actually, the barcodes of the objects -- to the robot, explaining there are all fake, and one after the other, the robot connects in its mind the objects to the idea of being fake. And like the robot, we realize that everything was just an experiment.

Download the original script (in French!)


PR2 gets used to carry boxes

The looong list of TODOs, a couple of days before the performance

Xavier, trying to figure out how to get recognized by the Kinect and to show tags to the robot at the same time

Mamoun, our light in the darkness

Last inspection of the stage by Nicolas

Video of the first test of the 'home training' session

On the technical side

The PR2 robot was running softwares developped at the LAAS/CNRS. While the performance tries to picture some of the challenges in the human-robot interaction field that are studied at the LAAS/CNRS, including the needed autonomy of a robot working with humans, the robot was partialy pre-programmed for this theater performance.

Most of the behaviours were written in Python, relying both on the PR2 ROS middleware and the LAAS's Genom+Pocolibs modules.

What was pre-programmed?

Click here to view the performance's master script


What was autonomously managed by the robot?


However, during the performance, we deactivated the computation of symbolic facts (like xavier looksAt jacket, RED_PHONE isOn table,...) which is not reliable enough for being used on the stage.



Hence, the sentence <look at this phone> get translated into symbolic facts: [human desires action1, action1 type Look, action1 receivedBy RED_PHONE]. The robot is able to know that <this phone> is indeed the RED_PHONE by taking into account what the human focuses on.

Since the computation of symbolic facts was deactivated (cf above), we had to manually add several symbolic facts in a so-called scenario-specific ontology. You can see it online.

Press coverage

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