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ORO - The OpenRobots Common Sense Ontology

This page give basic information to get the latest version of the OpenRobots Common Sense Ontology. This ontology, largely based on OpenCyc upper ontology, is the result of a joint work by the French LAAS-CNRS and the German TUM-IAS labs.

The OpenRobots Common Sense ontology is a key component of the ORO project.

It shares most of its concepts with the KnowRob ontology.


General background on ontologies

To start with the concept of ontologies:

Accessing it online

The OpenRobots Common Sense Ontology URI is http://kb.openrobots.org/

You can access and refer to it there.

Getting the latest version

Currently, to get the latest version of the common sense ontology, you need to clone the main GIT repository:

> git clone http://trac.laas.fr/git/robots/oro.git

The ontology is NOT stabilized yet, and actually is subject to important on-going changes. You are more than welcome to modify it!

If you don't want to use GIT, a (not very recent) snapshot is available: [[http://www.laas.fr/~slemaign/oro/oro-20100112.tar.gz| oro-20100112.tar.gz]]

Extract it somewhere and change the server configuration file (etc/oro-server/oro-server.conf) to point to it.

Visualising and editing ontologies

Snapshot of the ontology, viewed in the oro-view viewer

I recommend to install 'Protege', the most famous software to create and edit ontologies.

Download it here (version 4): http://protege.stanford.edu/download/registered.html

Quick online tool to browse the ontology :

Protege should be enough for most of your needs. If you want more:

Download it here: http://www.uvm.edu/~skrivov/growl/ (I recommend the “old” stand-alone package)

Another useful tool, if you are interested in Description Logics reasonning: Complexity of reasoning in Description Logics

A very complete list of tools to manage, access, visualize, play with ontologies is maintened at W3C: http://esw.w3.org/topic/SemanticWebTools

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