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Programming system for motion planning, includes services like collision detection, robot kinematics and an OpenGL viewer.

Move3D is used to develop algorithms to compute kinematic (geometric) paths in cluttered 3D environments for a generic multi-body system with any type of links, it is also used to compute molecular (nano particles) motions. The configuration space representation coded inside the software enables the development of generic planning methods implemented in C/C++ such as probabilistic roadmaps (PRM) and lately rapidly exploring random trees (RRTs). The newest investigation concerns the study of large molecular systems and human aware motion planning for friendly robots.


Move3D comes as a set of libraries and executables. To name a few:

Install from robotpkg

You will have to install robotpkg and robotpkg/wip HowToHere

Get the source from git repository

Get the four libraries

cd ${HOME}/openrobots/src
git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/move3d/libmove3d
git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/move3d/libmove3d-hri
git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/move3d/libmove3d-planners
git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/move3d/move3d-studio

Build and install

All libraires and executables use CMake : CMake Doc

If not set already, add the pkgconfig folder to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable :

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="${PKG_CONFIG_PATH}:${HOME}/openrobots/lib/pkgconfig"

Then you have to configure and install the libraries and the executable :

cd ${HOME}/openrobots/src/libmove3d*    * = ""|-hri|-planners 
mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=${HOME}/openrobots
make install

cd ${HOME}/openrobots/src/move3d-studio
mkdir build-qt
cd build-qt
cmake ..  -DMOVE3D_QT=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=${HOME}/openrobots
cmake ..
make install

P3D Files

In order to run move3d, you will need p3d files that describe the environment and the robot. You can get p3d files like that :

cd ~/openrobots/share
mkdir move3d && cd move3d
git clone git://git.openrobots.org/robots/move3d/move3d-assets assets

Example use

move3d-qt-studio -f ${HOME}/openrobots/share/move3d/assets/CostDistanceKCD/2dof/Stones.p3d


Doxygen documentation is available online.

Documentation for libmove3d-planners is on another page.


This work has been partially supported by (and used in) the following projects:





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