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The MORSE "lowpoly" challenge

MORSE is a young, international, and active (over 20 contributors) open-source simulator for academic robotics that relies 100% on Blender and the Blender Game Engine.

We are pretty good at simulating robots, but not so at designing impressive assets (as you may have seen from the link above).

So we call at the Blender community for help: let's take the challenge to create high-quality, low-poly, open-source, environment assets for the Blender Game Engine.

So the challenge is:

The best ones will be selected for inclusion in the official MORSE-1.0 release (planned for 2013Q1), of course, with due credits! That also means that you accept that your work will be showcased in international robotics conferences and scientific publications.

Common rules for all environments

Bonus for...

Environment specific rules

Outdoor scene


City scene


Home scene:

Want to meet the challenge?

Edit this page, add your name at the end, with optionally a link to the BlenderArtist thread for your project. When you're done, drop here the link to your model on Blendswap .

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