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General Architecture

We look for a generic layout for information communication between components and middlewares, blender and middlewares..

Time handling

(Thanks to notes from the irc #blendercoders and the robotics mailing list : robotics@blender.org - Benoit Bolsee, Markus Mehrwald and others)

In the blender game engine it is possible to add a python controller that runs on every frame. This controller can be stopped or wait for an external signal thus blocking the actual game engine frame thread. Enabling the compute all frame options will make the game physics calculation consistent as if each next frame was played exactly 1/frame_rate seconds since the last frame.

Generic Messages

Middlewares and blender components

Separate the configuration files for middlewares from the blender files. Add a dynamic link to them

Handling sensor messages PUSH/PULL

For now morse sensors constantly send data PUSH but in some cases ( robots with plenty of sensors for examples) we'd rather use a request-based communication PULL.


Decoupling distribution aspect from architecture.

Sensor Layout

Clarify how to build a sensor

Sensor python class

To write yours you need to define the following functions:

Robot Layout

Clarify how to build a robot

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