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MORSE, the essential ingredient to bring your robot to real life

European Robotics Forum (ERF)
Västerås, Sweden
April 8, 8h30-10h00



The Modular Open Robots Simulation Engine (MORSE) is a software developed across several European labs with the aim of using Blender in robotics research. This new simulator is planned as an open source tool that can be used to test the robot software before it is deployed in a real robot. MORSE is designed to be as flexible as possible, and to this end it has the following characteristics:


To demonstrate and disseminate the MORSE simulator, by means of showing the applications in which it is currently used in various robotics labs in Europe. To present a practical workshop in which people interested can have a hands on experience using the MORSE simulator


Desired results

Requisites for participating in the Workshop

If you are interested in participating in the tutorial on the use of MORSE, it will be very helpful to have MORSE installed in your computer.



Planned follow ups

There is a community of users and developers for the MORSE platform. You can subscribe to the corresponding mailing lists by following these links:

Further activities will be published on these lists, as well as the official website for the project.

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