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Gdhe is a tool for 3D visualization of robotics applications.

It is totally programmable using the Tcl/Tk scripting language. It uses the OpenGL library to display the 3D primitives.

GDHE allows to build a 3D representation of the geometrical model of an environment and make it change with time. In order to achieve this, GDHE acts as a server that receives requests from a set of client processes. These requests describe the evolution of the model. Clients can be either modules that control a real system and that send data about the state of this system or simulation processes producing a simulated state of a virtual system.

GDHE was first written at CNRS/LAAS for robotics applications in the European Research Project Martha. It was developped on Silicon Graphics machines using IRIX GL. It is now maintained by Matthieu Herrb and made available under a BSD-style license.




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Mailing list

GDHE is discussed on the openrobots mailing list.

Related tools

The SUG3D toolbox provdes a simple interface to Scilab.

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