A compilation of simulated scenarios used in several research laboratories.

Using ROS RVIZ visualisation tool to display the video stream of a simulated camera

Some examples of integration between MORSE and ROS in human-robot interaction context.

MORSE can take care of navigation if you do not want to manage this part.

Here, a robot builds a 2.5D terrain model
map from simulated stereo-cameras, and uses it to navigate.
Several robots following each other.
Each robot streams its camera, here
with YARP.

MORSE can be used to test human-robot interaction scenarii, where a human is controlled as in a video game.

MORSE simulates a Velodyne used to build a map of the environment.

More videos are available on the Blender for Robotics Vimeo group.



Simulation of ground-air cooperation.


Real-time simulation of a SICK laser range finder in an indoors environment.


An ATRV in an outdoor scenario.


Cooperation between an helicopter and a submarine for mine hunting.


Simulation of human-robot interaction: the robot tracks the posture of the human.


The MORSE interface (crude Blender :-) )

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