MOOS and pymoos must both be installed in order to use the MOOS middleware.

Please follow the instructions in the installation procedure.

Generation of MOOS application and variables

The MOOS middleware creates a MOOS application called “iMorse” and posts a message to the MOOS database for each variable output by a sensor. The names of the MOOS variables all start with MORSE_*.

Configuration specifics

When configuring a component to export its data through MOOS, you can pass the options moos_host and moos_port to define the host and port of the MOOS community in which you want to communicate. Default values are If for a specific component you don’t want to pass through the default iMorse_default app name, you can specify an new name with moos_name.

foo.add_stream('moos', moos_port=9002, moos_host="")
bar.add_stream('moos', moos_name='iMorse_bar')

Similarly, the option moos_freq can be used to define the frequency with which data should be exported. The default value is 10Hz.

bar.add_stream('moos', moos_freq=20)