Mitsubishi PA-10


PA-10 6-DOF robotic arm

This actuator reads a list of angles for the segments of the Mitsubishi PA-10 arm and applies them as local rotations.

Angles are expected in radians.

Configuration parameters for Mitsubishi PA-10

You can set these properties in your scripts with <component>.properties(<property1>=..., <property2>=...).

  • Speed (float, default: 1.0)
    speed of each joint, in rad/s
  • Tolerance (float, default: 0.08726646259971647)
    tolerance on the position, in radians

Data fields

This actuator reads these datafields at each simulation step:

  • seg0 (float, initial value: 0.0)
    first joint (base), in radians
  • seg1 (float, initial value: 0.0)
    second joint, in radians
  • seg2 (float, initial value: 0.0)
    third joint, in radians
  • seg3 (float, initial value: 0.0)
    fourth joint, in radians
  • seg4 (float, initial value: 0.0)
    fifth joint, in radians
  • seg5 (float, initial value: 0.0)
    sixth joint (wrist), in radians

Interface support:

(attention, no interface support!)

Services for Mitsubishi PA-10

  • get_configurations() (blocking)

    Returns the configurations of a component (parsed from the properties).

    • Return value

      a dictionary of the current component’s configurations

  • get_properties() (blocking)

    Returns the properties of a component.

    • Return value

      a dictionary of the current component’s properties

  • set_property(prop_name, prop_val) (blocking)

    Modify one property on a component

    • Parameters

      • prop_name: the name of the property to modify (as shown the documentation)
      • prop_val: the new value of the property. Note that there is no checking about the type of the value so be careful
    • Return value


  • set_rotation_array(seg0, seg1, seg2, seg3, seg4, seg5) (blocking)

    MORSE service to set the rotation for each of the arm joints. It receives an array containing the angle to give to each of the robot articulations. Angles are expected in radians. The length of the array should be equal to 6 or less, where any values not specified will be considered as 0.0.

    • Parameters
      • seg0: 1st joint angle (base)
      • seg1: 2nd joint angle
      • seg2: 3rd joint angle
      • seg3: 4th joint angle
      • seg4: 5th joint angle
      • seg5: 6th joint angle (wrist)


The following examples show how to use this component in a Builder script:

from morse.builder import *

# adds a default robot (the MORSE mascott!)
robot = Morsy()

# creates a new instance of the actuator
pa10 = PA10()

# place your component at the correct location
pa10.translate(<x>, <y>, <z>)
pa10.rotate(<rx>, <ry>, <rz>)


# define one or several communication interface, like 'socket'

env = Environment('empty')

Other sources of examples

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