Source code for morse.actuators.pa_10

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
import math
import morse.core.actuator
from morse.core import blenderapi
from morse.core import mathutils
from morse.helpers.morse_math import normalise_angle, rotation_direction
from import service
from morse.helpers.components import add_data, add_property

[docs]class PA10(morse.core.actuator.Actuator): """ This actuator reads a list of angles for the segments of the Mitsubishi PA-10 arm and applies them as local rotations. Angles are expected in radians. """ _name = "Mitsubishi PA-10" _short_desc = "PA-10 6-DOF robotic arm" add_property('_speed', 1.0, "Speed", "float", 'speed of each joint, in rad/s') add_property('_tolerance', math.radians(5), "Tolerance", "float", 'tolerance on the position, in radians') add_data('seg0', 0.0, "float", "first joint (base), in radians") add_data('seg1', 0.0, "float", "second joint, in radians") add_data('seg2', 0.0, "float", "third joint, in radians") add_data('seg3', 0.0, "float", "fourth joint, in radians") add_data('seg4', 0.0, "float", "fifth joint, in radians") add_data('seg5', 0.0, "float", "sixth joint (wrist), in radians") def __init__(self, obj, parent=None): # Call the constructor of the parent class morse.core.actuator.Actuator.__init__(self, obj, parent) # The axis along which the different segments rotate # Considering the rotation of the arm as installed in Jido self._dofs = ['z', 'y', 'y', 'z', 'y', 'z'] self._segments = [] segment = self.bge_object.children[0] for i in range(6): self._segments.append(segment) try: segment = segment.children[0] except IndexError: break ("Arm segment list: ", self._segments) # Get the references to the segment at the tip of the arm for child in self.bge_object.childrenRecursive: if 'PA10-6' in self._arm_tip = child break # Any other objects children of the Kuka arm are assumed # to be mounted on the tip of the arm for child in self.bge_object.children: if not 'PA10' in child.setParent(self._arm_tip) # Variable to store the reference to the Sound actuator self._sound = None self._moving = False'Component initialized') #logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
[docs] def default_action(self): """ Apply rotation to the arm segments """ # Get the reference to the Sound actuator if self._sound is None: logger.debug ("ACTIVATING THE SOUND ACTUATOR") contr = blenderapi.controller() self._sound = contr.actuators['Sound'] contr.activate(self._sound) self._sound.stopSound() # Reset movement variables rx, ry, rz = 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 # Scale the speeds to the time used by Blender try: rotation = self._speed / self.frequency # For the moment ignoring the division by zero # It happens apparently when the simulation starts except ZeroDivisionError: pass self._moving = False for i in range(6): key = ('seg%d' % i) target_angle = normalise_angle(self.local_data[key]) # Get the next segment segment = self._segments[i] # Extract the angles rot_matrix = segment.localOrientation segment_matrix = mathutils.Matrix((rot_matrix[0], rot_matrix[1], rot_matrix[2])) segment_euler = segment_matrix.to_euler() # Use the corresponding direction for each rotation if self._dofs[i] == 'y': ry = rotation_direction(segment_euler[1], target_angle, self._tolerance, rotation) #logger.debug("PARAMETERS Y: %.4f, %.4f, %.4f, %.4f = %.4f" % (segment_euler[1], target_angle, _tolerance, rotation, ry)) elif self._dofs[i] == 'z': rz = rotation_direction(segment_euler[2], target_angle, self._tolerance, rotation) #logger.debug("PARAMETERS Z: %.4f, %.4f, %.4f, %.4f = %.4f" % (segment_euler[2], target_angle, _tolerance, rotation, rz)) logger.debug("ry = %.4f, rz = %.4f" % (ry, rz)) # Give the movement instructions directly to the parent # The second parameter specifies a "local" movement segment.applyRotation([rx, ry, rz], True) if ry != 0.0 or rz != 0.0: self._moving = True # Reset the rotations for the next segment ry = rz = 0 if self._moving: self._sound.startSound() logger.debug("STARTING SOUND") else: self._sound.stopSound() logger.debug("STOPPING SOUND")
[docs] @service def set_rotation_array(self, seg0=0, seg1=0, seg2=0, seg3=0, seg4=0, seg5=0): """ MORSE service to set the rotation for each of the arm joints. It receives an array containing the angle to give to each of the robot articulations. Angles are expected in radians. The length of the array should be equal to 6 or less, where any values not specified will be considered as 0.0. :param seg0: 1st joint angle (base) :param seg1: 2nd joint angle :param seg2: 3rd joint angle :param seg3: 4th joint angle :param seg4: 5th joint angle :param seg5: 6th joint angle (wrist) """ self.local_data['seg0'] = seg0 self.local_data['seg1'] = seg1 self.local_data['seg2'] = seg2 self.local_data['seg3'] = seg3 self.local_data['seg4'] = seg4 self.local_data['seg5'] = seg5 return None