Source code for morse.sensors.magnetometer

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
from morse.core import mathutils
import morse.core.sensor
from morse.helpers.components import add_data, add_property
from morse.helpers.coordinates import CoordinateConverter

from math import degrees
import datetime
import os

import numpy

def _decimal_date(date):
    bisextile = (date.year % 4 == 0 and date.year % 100 != 0) or (date.year % 400 == 0)
    days_month = [0, 31, 28, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31]
    if bisextile:
        days_month[2] += 1
    day_nb =
    for i in range(0, date.month):
        day_nb += days_month[i]
    return date.year +  (day_nb - 1.0) / (365.0 + bisextile)

[docs]class MagnetoDriver(object): def __init__(self, date = None): from morse.sensors._magnetometer import Magnetometer as Mag self._mag = Mag(os.path.join(MORSE_COMPONENTS, 'WMM.COF')) self._coord_conv = CoordinateConverter.instance() if date: self._date = date else: self._date = _decimal_date(
[docs] def compute(self, pose): pos = numpy.matrix(pose.translation) pos_ltp = self._coord_conv.blender_to_ltp(pos) pos_lla = self._coord_conv.ltp_to_geodetic(pos_ltp) (decl, incl, f, h, x, y, z) = self._mag.compute( degrees(pos_lla[0, 0]), degrees(pos_lla[0, 1]), pos_lla[0, 2] / 1000.0, self._date) mag_field = mathutils.Vector((x, y, z)) return mag_field * pose.rotation_matrix
[docs]class Magnetometer(morse.core.sensor.Sensor): """ This sensor computes the magnetic field vector, at the sensor position. It relies on the WMM2015 model, available `at NOAA <>`_. .. warning:: For proper computation, the sensor needs a real position on Earth, and so the following properties should be added at the environment level: - **longitude** in degrees (double) of Blender origin - **latitude** in degrees (double) of Blender origin - **altitude** in m of the Blender origin - optionnaly **angle_against_north** in degrees is the angle between geographic north and the blender X axis. **angle_against_north** is positive when the blender X-axis is east of true north, and negative when it is to the west. """ _name = "Magnetometer" add_data('x', 0.0, "float", 'Northern component of the magnetic field vector, in nT') add_data('y', 0.0, "float", 'Eastern component of the magnetic field vector, in nT') add_data('z', 0.0, "float", 'Downward component of the magnetic field vector, in nT') add_property('date', None, 'date', 'float', 'the date used to adjust \ for magnetic field. If not precised, consider the today \ date') def __init__(self, obj, parent=None): """ Constructor method. Receives the reference to the Blender object. The second parameter should be the name of the object's parent. """'%s initialization' % # Call the constructor of the parent class morse.core.sensor.Sensor.__init__(self, obj, parent) self._mag = MagnetoDriver('Component initialized, runs at %.2f Hz', self.frequency)
[docs] def default_action(self): mag_field = self._mag.compute(self.position_3d) self.local_data['x'] = mag_field[0] self.local_data['y'] = mag_field[1] self.local_data['z'] = mag_field[2]