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= MORSE, the OpenRobot Simulator = ||<tablestyle="width:100%;text-align:center;" style="border:0px; color:#934909;font-size:2em;font-weight:bold"> MORSE, the Modular !OpenRobots Simulation Engine ||
||<style="border:0px;font-weight:bold;"> MORSE is a generic simulator for academic robotics. [[https://www.openrobots.org/morse/doc/latest/what_is_morse.html | Learn more...]] ||

||<tablestyle="width:100%;text-align:center;" style="border:0px"> <<Vimeo(62855423)>> ||
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== Main features == ||<tablestyle="width:100%" 50% #FFCCFF:> '''Latest events''' ||<50% #CCCCFF:> '''Get the code''' ||
||<#FFCCFF |3> <<BR>>'''8 Feb 2016''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.4/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.4 release]]<<BR>>'''19 May 2015''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.3/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.3 release]]<<BR>>'''7 Jan 2015''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.2.2/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.2.2 release]]<<BR>>'''3 July 2014''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.2.1/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.2.1 release]] <<BR>>'''31 Jan 2014''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.2/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.2 release]] <<BR>>'''06 Nov 2013''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.1/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.1.1 release]] <<BR>>'''16 Sep 2013''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.1/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.1 release]] <<BR>>'''6-7 Jun 2013''': [[https://www.openrobots.org/wiki/morse/events/workshop_june_2013 | First Intl MORSE Workshop]] at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse <<BR>> '''2 Apr 2013''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.0/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.0.1 release]] (maintenance release) <<BR>>'''1 Mar 2013''': [[https://github.com/morse-simulator/morse/blob/1.0/RELEASE_NOTES | MORSE 1.0 release]] <<BR>> <<BR>> [[https://www.openrobots.org/wiki/morse/news | Older news...]]||<#CCCCFF:> <<BR>>[[http://www.github.com/morse-simulator/morse|MORSE on GitHub]]<<BR>> &nbsp;||
||<#FFFFCC:> '''MORSE documentation'''||
||<#FFFFCC:> Stable version (`1.4`): [[https://www.openrobots.org/morse/doc/stable/morse.html|MORSE documentation]] <<BR>> Latest version: [[https://www.openrobots.org/morse/doc/latest/morse.html|MORSE documentation]] ||
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 * A versatile simulator for generic mobile robots simulation (single or multi robots),
 * Enabling realistic and dynamic environments (with other interacting agents -humans- or objects),
 * Don't reinvent the wheel: critical components reused from other opensource projects (Blender for 3D rendering + physical simulation + UI, dedicated robotic middlewares for communications + robot hardware support),
 * Seamless workflow: since the simulator rely on Blender for both modelling and the realtime 3D engine, creating and modifying a simulated scene is straigthforward.
 * Entierely scriptable in Python,
 * Adaptable to various level of simulation realism (for instance, we may want to simulate exteroceptive sensors like cameras in certain cases and access directly to a higher level representation of the world -like labelled artifacts- in other cases),
 * Currently compatible with YARP and LAAS !OpenRobots robotics frameworks,
 * Fully open source, BSD-compatible.
||<tablestyle="width:100%;text-align:center;" #FFCCCC:> [[https://www.openrobots.org/morse/doc/stable/user/installation.html | Jump to the installation instructions]] <<BR>>or<<BR>> [[ftp://ftp.openrobots.org/pub/openrobots/morse/morse-1.4.tar.bz2| Download the latest version of MORSE]] (`morse-1.4.tar.bz2` - 114MB - 08-Feb-2016)||
||<tablestyle="width:100%;text-align:center;" #CCFFCC:> [[https://sympa.laas.fr/sympa/subscribe/morse-users | Subscribe to the morse-users@laas.fr mailing list]] ||
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== Documentation ==

 * [http://homepages.laas.fr/slemaign/openrobots/doku.php?id=morse:user:summary User's guide]
 * [http://homepages.laas.fr/slemaign/openrobots/doku.php?id=morse:dev:summary Developer's guide]

== Videos ==

Videos are availables [http://vimeo.com/groups/blenderandrobotics online on vimeo]

== Road Map ==

The first release of MORSE contains only a subset of the final simulator specification.

Amongst the planned features:

 * Support for arms simulation, based on inverse kinematics. This has been separately developped by the Leuven's university and will be merge into MORSE over the next releases,
 * Raw sockets interface + full compatiblity with the ROS robotics framework (other robotics framework are planned as well. Let us know if you want to contribute in this area),
 * Developement of the user interface,
 * Scalablity (both in term of simulation capacity and ease of deployment),
 * Multi-node simulations (several Blender nodes can be started on several computer and automaticaly synchronise, which should allow simulations of tenth of robots in the same scene),
 * Dedicated supervision node that would allow to: observe the simulation, display logs and metrics, start/stop robots, dynamically alter the scene (like moving an obstacle in front of a robot, etc.).
||<tablestyle="width:100%;text-align:center;" #CCCCCC:> '''Have you found a bug in MORSE?'''<<BR>> [[https://github.com/laas/morse/issues | Report it on GitHub]] ||

MORSE, the Modular OpenRobots Simulation Engine

MORSE is a generic simulator for academic robotics. Learn more...

Latest events

Get the code

8 Feb 2016: MORSE 1.4 release
19 May 2015: MORSE 1.3 release
7 Jan 2015: MORSE 1.2.2 release
3 July 2014: MORSE 1.2.1 release
31 Jan 2014: MORSE 1.2 release
06 Nov 2013: MORSE 1.1.1 release
16 Sep 2013: MORSE 1.1 release
6-7 Jun 2013: First Intl MORSE Workshop at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse
2 Apr 2013: MORSE 1.0.1 release (maintenance release)
1 Mar 2013: MORSE 1.0 release

Older news...

MORSE on GitHub

MORSE documentation

Stable version (1.4): MORSE documentation
Latest version: MORSE documentation

Jump to the installation instructions
Download the latest version of MORSE (morse-1.4.tar.bz2 - 114MB - 08-Feb-2016)

Subscribe to the morse-users@laas.fr mailing list

Have you found a bug in MORSE?
Report it on GitHub

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