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In the meantime, get in touch through the [[mailto:morse-dev-subscribe@laas.fr|morse-dev]] mailing-list! In the meantime, get in touch through the [[mailto:morse-dev-subscribe@laas.fr|morse-dev]] mailing-list.

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MORSE Second "hackathon", September 2011, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse

Come and ride the MORSE!


The hackathon will take place at LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France on the 21th and 22th of September 2011.

The purpose of the meeting is to focus on a defined set of new features - add below your proposals!

Participants are assumed to be already familiar with MORSE (installation, creation of a simulation, etc.)

In the meantime, get in touch through the morse-dev mailing-list.

Preliminary hacking program

Everybody can submit ideas: click on the Edit this page link on the top of the page to modify it.

Depending on the amount of participants/interest for each proposal, we will most probably select two or three of them to focus the developments on.

I have left some projects from last hackathon that are still pending.

Each topic links to a dedicated page where ideas/requirements may be shared before the hackathon.


Put your name here!

  • Gilberto Echeverria (LAAS)
  • Séverin Lemaignan (LAAS)
  • Pierrick Koch (GREYC)
  • Praveen Ramanujam (HBRS,Germany)


Like the first one, this second hackathon will take place at LAAS-CNRS, "Europe" meeting room. Click here for map & transportation info.

Hotels: [TBD]

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