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Latest releasse GenoM 2.5 (2009/10/14): Latest releasse GenoM 2.6 (2010/03/23):
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 * [ftp://softs.laas.fr/pub/openrobots/genom/genom-2.5.tar.gz genom-2.5.tar.gz]  * [ftp://softs.laas.fr/pub/openrobots/genom/genom-2.6.tar.gz genom-2.6.tar.gz]


For a brief introduction, please refer to [http://www.laas.fr/~sara/RIA/RIA-genom.html.en this page], written and maintained by SaraFleury. The original paper [Fleury 1997] and comments on future work [Mallet 2002] are also available.


  • GNU make, [:pocolibs:] library.
  • Optional:
    • [http://tcl.tk/ Tcl/Tk] >= 8.0 for building the tcl client of modules.

    • LAAS [:mkdep:] if you intend to work on sources and recompile frequently.


Latest releasse GenoM 2.6 (2010/03/23):


  • [Fleury 1997] S. Fleury, M. Herrb and R. Chatila. GenoM: A Tool for the Specification and the Implementation of Operating Modules in a Distributed Robot Architecture. In International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pages 842-848. Grenoble (France), 1997.

  • [Mallet 2002] A. Mallet, S. Fleury and H. Bruyninckx. A specification of generic robotics software components: future evolutions of GenoM in the Orocos context. In International Conference on Intelligent Robotics and Systems. Lausanne (Switzerland), 2002.

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