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[DIFF] 12:40 [INFO] gsaurel [1-4]
aclodic [5-27]
#01 Add missing td
#02 Add descriptions for humanoids projects
#03 fix columns
#04 Delete all == Table ==
[DIFF] 11:39 [INFO] matthieu [1-2] #01 attach 2011-02-15_inertial- high-dyn.zip
#02 Upload of attachment '2011-02-15_inertial -high-dyn.zip'.
[DIFF] 16:19 [INFO] matthieu [1-2] #01 finish trac -> git.openrobots transition
#02 move libmove3d-planners
[DIFF] 12:23 [INFO] rlalleme [1-2] #01 Add a section about Antlr (and an attachement)
#02 Upload of attachment 'getting_started_ANT LR2.pdf'.
[DIFF] 13:46 [INFO] rlalleme Remove useless dependencies section
[DIFF] 13:46 [INFO] rlalleme Remove part about dependencies that is useless
[DIFF] 13:44 [INFO] rlalleme Create the documentation page on hatponboard
[DIFF] 09:03 [INFO] rlalleme Fix the repository for hatp metapackage since the server is working now.
[DIFF] 14:35 [INFO] rlalleme [1-2] #01 Add an anchor to the ros param section
#02 Finish the new page with the hatp commands
[DIFF] 14:23 [INFO] rlalleme Create the page on how to install hatpconsole the old-fashionned way
[DIFF] 16:43 [INFO] rlalleme Store the old run version since the integration in ROS is ready
[DIFF] 15:02 [INFO] rlalleme Old install process for hatp
[DIFF] 13:43 [INFO] rlalleme [1-2] #01 Add the section about usage
#02 Create a page to keep the old install process
[DIFF] 13:29 [INFO] rlalleme Integration in ROS, now this library is merged with the ROS messages
[DIFF] 13:27 [INFO] rlalleme Integration in ROS, msgconnector is dperecated now
[DIFF] 13:24 [INFO] rlalleme INtegration in ROS


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