Source code for morse.robots.fakerobot

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
import morse.core.robot

[docs]class FakeRobot(morse.core.robot.Robot): """ This is a special case of component in MORSE. Since all sensors or actuators must be attached to one robot, it would not normally be possible to use "stand-alone" sensors in the environment. If you need to use a sensor in this way, (*i.e.* for motion capture sensors, or independent cameras) you should add an **virtual (fake) robot** to the scene, and make it the parent of your stand-alone sensors. This robot has no visual representation, and consists of a single Blender Empty. Its only purpose is to provide the base to attach sensors. A single fake robot can be the parent of as many sensors/actuators as needed. """ _name = 'Fake virtual robot' def __init__(self, obj, parent=None): # Call the constructor of the parent class'%s initialization' % morse.core.robot.Robot.__init__(self, obj, parent)'Component initialized')
[docs] def default_action(self): """ Main function of this component. """ pass