Please follow the instructions in the installation procedure.

Generation of ROS-node and topics

The ROS middleware creates one ROS-node called “morse” and one ROS topic for every sensor and every actuator. The names of the ROS-topics are generated in the following way: <name_of_parent_blender_object>/<name_of_blender_object>.

For instance, if you have an odometry sensor called “odometry” on a robot called “atrv”, the ROS Odometry messages will be published on /atrv/odometry.

Configuration specificities

When configuring a component to export its data through ROS, you can pass the option topic to define the name of the topic exported by the component.

foo.add_stream('ros', topic = '/robot/myTopic')

Similarly, you can set a custom frame_id and child_frame_id:

foo.add_stream('ros', frame_id = '/world', child_frame_id = '/footprint')