Pocolibs middleware is mainly used with the robot architecture established at LAAS. It relies heavily on the ctypes library, and for some more complex posters, on ‘hand-tuned C’.

For the moment, the Pocolibs middleware relies only on the concept of posters to export and import data. It requires the use of the h2 program to manage the posters running in the computer.

Each of the posters has a very specific data structure that is used to store and transfer the information. For this reason, there are no generic methods for this middleware, and all of the methods are defined as extensions of the middleware’s basic functionality.


  • Python: $MORSE_ROOT/src/morse/modifiers/pocolibs_datastream.py

Configuration specificities

When configuring a component to export its data through pocolibs, you can pass the option poster to define the name of the poster exported by the component.

foo.add_stream('pocolibs', poster = 'myFooPoster')