Coding guidelines


Coding conventions in MORSE follow Python’s PEP 008. This means in particular:

  • use spaces for indentation, not tabs (4 spaces per level of indent)
  • at most 80 characters per line
  • class names using CamelCase, variables and method names lower case, possibly with underscores.
  • variable names starting with an underscore are private
  • comment the code.


MORSE uses the standard Python logging framework. Please use logging rather than print()! Using print is inconvenient in big projects!

To use logging in your module:

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)

# logger.debug("...")
# ...etc

By default MORSE is set to use the INFO logging level. You can easily set the logging level to, say, DEBUG, in a specific module by adding this line to it:



MORSE has a unit-testing system. When you submit additions or changes, it is helpful if you add some tests which demonstrate how your work is supposed to be used. And adding tests also helps the maintenance of the project in the long-term.