Source code for morse.sensors.proximity

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)

from morse.core import blenderapi
import morse.core.sensor
from import service
from morse.helpers.components import add_data, add_property

[docs]class Proximity(morse.core.sensor.Sensor): """ This sensor can be used to determine which other objects are within a certain radius of the sensor. It performs its test based only on distance. The type of tracked objects can be specified using the **Track** property. """ _name = "Proximity Sensor" _short_desc = "Distance sensor to detect nearby objects." add_data('near_objects', {}, "dict", "A list of the tracked objects located " "within the given radius. The keys of the dictionary are the object " "names, and the values are the distances (in meters) from the " "sensor.") add_data('near_robots', {}, "dict", "deprecated. Points to near_objects for compatibility reasons.") add_property('_range', 100, 'Range', "float", "The distance, in meters " "beyond which this sensor is unable to locate other robots.") add_property('_tag', "Robot_Tag", 'Track', "string", "The type of " "tracked objects. This type is looked for as game property of scene " "objects. You must then add a new game property to the objects you " "want to be detected by the proximity sensor.") def __init__(self, obj, parent=None): """ Constructor method. Receives the reference to the Blender object. The second parameter should be the name of the object's parent. """'%s initialization' % # Call the constructor of the parent class morse.core.sensor.Sensor.__init__(self, obj, parent)'Component initialized, runs at %.2f Hz', self.frequency)
[docs] @service def set_range(self, range): """ The service expects a float range (in meter), and modify the range used to detect objects around the proximity sensor. :param range: detection range, in meters """ self._range = float(range)
[docs] @service def set_tracked_tag(self, tag): """ The service allows to modify the kind of objects detected by the proximity sensor. :param tag: value of the *Track* property used to select detected objects. """ self._tag = tag
[docs] def default_action(self): """ Create a list of tagged objects within a certain radius of the sensor. """ self.local_data['near_objects'] = {} self.local_data['near_robots'] = self.local_data['near_objects'] parent = self.robot_parent.bge_object # Get the tracked sources for obj in blenderapi.scene().objects: try: obj[self._tag] # Skip distance to self if parent != obj: distance = self._measure_distance_to_object (parent, obj) if distance <= self._range: self.local_data['near_objects'][] = distance except KeyError: pass
def _measure_distance_to_object(self, own_robot, target_object): """ Compute the distance between two objects Parameters are two blender objects """ distance, globalVector, localVector = own_robot.getVectTo(target_object) logger.debug("Distance from robot {0} to object {1} = {2}".format(own_robot, target_object, distance)) return distance