Source code for morse.robots.grasping_robot

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
from morse.core.robot import Robot
from import service
from morse.core import blenderapi

[docs]class GraspingRobot(Robot): """ Class definition for a "virtual" robot. This robot class does not have a graphical representation, and it can not move. Its only purpose is to define the service grasp that may be used by other robot to pick up object. The robot need to have a "hand_name" with a near sensor in order to be able to use the grasp service. """ def __init__(self, obj, parent=None): """ Constructor method. Receives the reference to the Blender object. Optionally it gets the name of the object's parent, but that information is not currently used for a robot. """ # Call the constructor of the parent class'%s initialization' % Robot.__init__(self, obj, parent) self.hand_name = 'todefine' self.bge_object['DraggedObject'] = None'Component initialized')
[docs] @service def grasp(self, grab, obj_name=None): """ Grasp near object. :param grab: set to True to take an object and False to release it. :param obj_name: when None, the robot will just grasp the nearest object without any consideration for the object name. """ logger.debug("morse grasp request received") grasping_robot = self.bge_object scene = blenderapi.scene() if self.hand_name == "todefine": logger.error("grasp failed because hand_name was not defined") hand_empty = scene.objects[self.hand_name] near_sensor = hand_empty.sensors['Near'] if grab: logger.debug("seq t") # Check that no other object is being carried if (grasping_robot['DraggedObject'] is None or grasping_robot['DraggedObject'] == '') : logger.debug("Hand is free, I can grab") # If name was specified if obj_name: near_objects = [obj for obj in near_sensor.hitObjectList if == obj_name] if not near_objects: logger.warning("no object named %s in %s"%(obj_name, str(near_sensor.hitObjectList) )) near_object = None else: near_object = near_objects[0] else: near_object = near_sensor.hitObject hand_empty['Near_Object'] = near_object selected_object = hand_empty['Near_Object'] # If the object is draggable if selected_object is not None and selected_object != '': # Clear the previously selected object, if any logger.debug("Object to grab is %s" % grasping_robot['DraggedObject'] = selected_object # Remove Physic simulation selected_object.suspendDynamics() #Put object in the hand selected_object.worldPosition = hand_empty.worldPosition # Parent the selected object to the hand target selected_object.setParent (hand_empty) logger.debug( "OBJECT %s PARENTED TO %s" % (, ) else: if (grasping_robot['DraggedObject'] is not None and grasping_robot['DraggedObject'] != '') : previous_object = grasping_robot["DraggedObject"] # Restore Physics simulation previous_object.restoreDynamics() previous_object.setLinearVelocity([0, 0, 0]) previous_object.setAngularVelocity([0, 0, 0]) # Remove the parent previous_object.removeParent() # Clear the object from dragged status grasping_robot['DraggedObject'] = None logger.debug("JUST DROPPED OBJECT %s" %
[docs] def default_action(self): """ Main function of this component """ pass