Source code for morse.middleware.yarp.video_camera

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
from morse.middleware.yarp_datastream import YarpPort
import yarp

[docs]class YarpImagePublisher(YarpPort): _type_name = "yarp::ImageRGBA"
[docs] def initialize(self): YarpPort.initialize(self, yarp.BufferedPortImageRgba, False)
[docs] def default(self, ci): # Wrap the data in a YARP image img = self.port.prepare() img.setQuantum(1) # Get the image data from the camera instance img_string =['image'] img_x = self.component_instance.image_width img_y = self.component_instance.image_height # Check that an image exists: if img_string is not None and img_string != '': try: data = img_string img.setExternal(data, img_x, img_y) except TypeError as detail:"No image yet: %s" % detail) # Write the image self.port.write()