Source code for morse.middleware.sockets.depth_camera

import sys
import json
import base64
import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
from morse.middleware.socket_datastream import SocketPublisher

[docs]class DepthCameraPublisher(SocketPublisher): """ Data of the DepthCamera gets JSON encoded to send via sockets """ _type_name = 'a JSON-Encoded message for the DepthCamera'
[docs] def encode(self): if not self.component_instance.capturing: return bytes() # press [Space] key to enable capturing points =['points'] if sys.version_info < (3,4): points = bytes( points ) data = base64.b64encode( points ).decode() # get string intrinsic = [ list(vec) for vec in['intrinsic_matrix'] ] res = { 'timestamp':['timestamp'], 'height': self.component_instance.image_height, 'width': self.component_instance.image_width, 'points': data, 'intrinsic_matrix': intrinsic, } return (json.dumps(res) + '\n').encode()