Source code for morse.middleware.socket_request_manager

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
import socket
import select
import json

from morse.middleware.socket_datastream import MorseEncoder
from morse.core.request_manager import RequestManager, MorseRPCInvokationError
from morse.core import status

SERVER_HOST = '' #all available interfaces
MAX_TRIES = 10 # Number of alternative ports to try if the default is already busy

[docs]class SocketRequestManager(RequestManager): """Implements services to control the MORSE simulator over raw ASCII sockets. The syntax of requests is: >>> id component_name service [params with Python syntax] ``id`` is an identifier set by the client to conveniently identify the request. It must be less that 80 chars in [a-zA-Z0-9]. The server answers: >>> id status result_in_python|error_msg ``status`` is one of the constants defined in :py:mod:`morse.core.status`. """ def __str__(self): return "Socket service manager"
[docs] def initialization(self): global SERVER_PORT self._client_sockets = [] # For asynchronous request, this holds the mapping between a # request_id and the socket which requested it. self._pending_sockets = {} # Stores for each socket client the pending results to write # back. self._results_to_output = {} self._server = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM) self._server.setsockopt(socket.SOL_SOCKET, socket.SO_REUSEADDR, 1) port_ok = False for i in range(MAX_TRIES): try: self._server.bind((SERVER_HOST, SERVER_PORT)) self._server.listen(1) port_ok = True break except socket.error as msg: SERVER_PORT += 1 if not port_ok: logger.error("Couldn't bind the socket server! Port busy?") self._server.close() self._server = None return False"Socket service manager now listening on port " + str(SERVER_PORT) + ".") return True
[docs] def finalization(self): """ Terminate the ports used to accept requests """ if self._client_sockets:"Closing client sockets...") for s in self._client_sockets: s.close() if self._server:"Shutting down connections to server...") self._server.shutdown(socket.SHUT_RDWR)"Closing socket server...") self._server.close() del self._server return True
[docs] def on_service_completion(self, request_id, results): s = None try: s, id = self._pending_sockets[request_id] del self._pending_sockets[request_id] except KeyError: + ": ERROR: I can not find the socket which requested " + str(request_id)) return if s in self._results_to_output: self._results_to_output[s].append((id, results)) else: self._results_to_output[s] = [(id, results)]
[docs] def post_registration(self, component, service, is_async): return True
[docs] def main(self): sockets = self._client_sockets + [self._server] try: inputready, outputready, exceptready =, sockets, [], 0) #timeout = 0 : Never block, just poll except select.error: pass except socket.error: pass for i in inputready: if i == self._server: sock, addr = self._server.accept()"Accepted new service connection from " + str(addr)) self._client_sockets.append(sock) else: try: raw = i.recv(4096) except ConnectionResetError as e: import os if == 'nt' and e.errno == 10054: # An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host raw = None else: raise if not raw: # an empty read means that the remote host has # disconnected itself"Socket closed by client! Closing it on my side.") i.close() self._client_sockets.remove(i) continue raw = raw.decode() assert(raw[-1] == '\n') for req in raw[:-1].split('\n'): req = req.strip() component = service = "undefined" try: try: id, req = req.split(None, 1) except ValueError: # Request contains < 2 tokens. id = req raise MorseRPCInvokationError("Malformed request! ") id = id.strip()"Got '" + req + "' (id = " + id + ") from " + str(i)) if len(req.split()) == 1 and req in ["cancel"]: # Aborting a running request! for internal_id, user_id in self._pending_sockets.items(): if user_id[1] == id: self.abort_request(internal_id) else: component, service, params = self._parse_request(req) # on_incoming_request returns either #(True, result) if it's a synchronous # request that has been immediately executed, or # (False, request_id) if it's an asynchronous request whose # termination will be notified via # on_service_completion. is_sync, value = self.on_incoming_request(component, service, params) if is_sync: if i in self._results_to_output: self._results_to_output[i].append((id, value)) else: self._results_to_output[i] = [(id, value)] else: # Stores the mapping request/socket to notify # the right socket when the service completes. # (cf :py:meth:on_service_completion) # Here, 'value' is the internal request id while # 'id' is the id used by the socket client. self._pending_sockets[value] = (i, id) except MorseRPCInvokationError as e: if i in self._results_to_output: self._results_to_output[i].append((id, (status.FAILED, e.value))) else: self._results_to_output[i] = [(id, (status.FAILED, e.value))] if self._results_to_output: for o in outputready: if o in self._results_to_output: for r in self._results_to_output[o]: return_value = None try: if r[1][1]: return_value = json.dumps(r[1][1], cls=MorseEncoder) except TypeError as te: logger.error("Error while serializing a service return value to JSON!\n" +\ "Details:" + str(te)) response = "%s %s%s" % (r[0], r[1][0], (" " + return_value) if return_value else "") try: o.send((response + "\n").encode())"Sent back " + response + " to " + str(o)) except socket.error: logger.warning("It seems that a socket client left while I was sending stuff to it. Closing the socket.") o.close() if o in self._client_sockets: self._client_sockets.remove(o) del self._results_to_output[o]
def _parse_request(self, req): """ Parse the incoming request. """ tokens = req.split(None, 2) if len(tokens) < 1 or len(tokens) > 3: raise MorseRPCInvokationError("Malformed request: at least 3 values and at most 4 are expected (id, component, service, [params])") if len(tokens) == 2: component, service = tokens p = None else: component, service, params = tokens params = params.strip() if params: try: p = json.loads(params) except (NameError, SyntaxError, ValueError) as e: raise MorseRPCInvokationError("Invalid request syntax: error while parsing the parameters: <%s>. %s" % (params, str(e))) else: p = None return component, service, p