Source code for morse.middleware.pocolibs.overlays.stereopixel_overlay

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
from import service, async_service, interruptible
from morse.core.overlay import MorseOverlay
from morse.core import status
from morse.middleware.pocolibs_datastream import DummyPoster

[docs]class StereopixelModule(MorseOverlay): def __init__(self, overlaid_object): # Call the constructor of the parent class MorseOverlay.__init__(self, overlaid_object) self._cntrl = DummyPoster("stereopixelCntrl")
[docs] def Acquire_cb(self, answer): status, res = answer nb_pts = self.overlaid_object.local_data['nb_points'] return status, [nb_pts, 0, 0, nb_pts]
[docs] @service def Init(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def GetCorrelationParams(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def SetCorrelationParams(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def GetBlobFilterParams(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def SetBlobFilterParams(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def GetFrameCoord(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def SetFrameCoord(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def SetSaveParams(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def GetSaveParams(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def SaveDisparity(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def CVDumpDisparity(self, *args): pass
[docs] @service def Sav3DImage(self, *args): pass
@interruptible @async_service def Compute(self): self.overlaid_object.capture(self.chain_callback(self.Acquire_cb), 1)
[docs] def name(self): return "stereopixel"