Source code for morse.helpers.morse_math

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
import math

[docs]def normalise_angle(angle): """ Force the given angle to be between PI and -PI This function expects an angle given in radians It will reduce the input angle to be less than PI, and give it the correct sign. Using new method proposed by David Hodo: """ return ((angle+math.pi)%(2*math.pi))-math.pi
[docs]def rotation_direction(current_angle, target_angle, tolerance, speed): """ Test the direction in which a rotation should be made Using the current angle of a component and the next desired angle. Angles are expected in radians """ # Check which direction to rotate if current_angle < (target_angle - tolerance): rotation = speed elif current_angle > (target_angle + tolerance): rotation = -speed # If the angle is within the tolerance, don't rotate else: rotation = 0 return rotation