Source code for morse.helpers.components

from collections import OrderedDict
import inspect

def _set_cls_value(kind, name, value):
    curframe = inspect.currentframe()
        calframe = inspect.getouterframes(curframe, 3)
            cls_locals =  calframe[2][0].f_locals
            if not kind in cls_locals:
               cls_locals[kind] = OrderedDict()
            cls_locals[kind][name] = value
            del calframe
        del curframe

[docs]def add_level(name, classname, doc = "(no documentation available yet)", default=False): """ Defines an abstraction level for a component. Abstraction levels are predefined subsets of the component output or input, defining a particular functional level for your component. .. note:: Two special level names are reserved: `all` and `default`. You can not use them. :param name: name of the level :param classpath: classpath (ie, module path + classname) that implements the level, or None to use the current class. :param doc: short description of the level. """ if name in ["all", "default"]: raise NameError("%s is a reserved level name. You can not use it." % name) _set_cls_value('_levels', name, (classname, doc, default))
[docs]def add_data(name, default_value, type = "", doc = "(no documentation available yet)", level = "all"): """ Defines a new data field for this component, either for export (sensors) or for import (actuators). .. note:: Several fields with the same name may be present if they belong to different 'abstraction levels'. :param name: name of the field :param default_value: initial value of the field :param type: indicative type value, currently only used for documentation :param doc: description of the field :param level: (default: `all`) abstraction level this field belong to. Only useful when levels are defined for the component with `add_level` statements. """ if isinstance(level, str) and level is not "all": level = [level] _set_cls_value('_data_fields', name, (default_value, type, doc, level))
[docs]def add_property(python_name, default_value, name, type = "", doc = "(no documentation available yet)"): """ Add a property to the current class of component :param python_name: name of the Python variable. It will be dynamically added to the component Python script. :param default_value: the default value :param string name: the name of the property. If used in the Blender logic bricks, it must match the Blender name. :param type: type of the property, for documentation :param doc: description of the property. """ _set_cls_value('_properties', name, (default_value, type, doc, python_name))