Source code for morse.core.sensor

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)
from abc import ABCMeta
import time # profiler
import morse.core.object
from import service
from morse.helpers.components import add_data
from morse.core import blenderapi

[docs]class Sensor(morse.core.object.Object): """ Basic Class for all sensors Inherits from the base object class. """ add_data('timestamp', 0.0, 'float', 'number of seconds in simulated time') if logger.isEnabledFor(logging.DEBUG): add_data('simulator_time', 0.0, 'float', "number of seconds in real world (Only for debug)") # Make this an abstract class __metaclass__ = ABCMeta def __init__ (self, obj, parent=None): """ Constructor method. """ # Call the constructor of the parent class morse.core.object.Object.__init__(self, obj, parent) # Define lists of dynamically added functions self.output_functions = [] self.output_modifiers = [] self.profile = None if "profile" in self.bge_object: self.time = {} self.profile = ["profile", "profile_action", "profile_modifiers", "profile_datastreams"] for key in self.profile: self.time[key] = 0.0 self.time_start = time.time()
[docs] def finalize(self): self._active = False morse.core.object.Object.finalize(self) del self.output_functions[:] del self.output_modifiers[:]
[docs] def sensor_to_robot_position_3d(self): """ Compute the transformation which will transform a vector from the sensor coordinate-frame to the associated robot frame """ main_to_origin = self.robot_parent.position_3d main_to_sensor = main_to_origin.transformation3d_with(self.position_3d) return main_to_sensor
[docs] def action(self): """ Call the action functions that have been added to the list. """ # Do nothing if this component has been deactivated if not self._active: return if not self.periodic_call(): return # Update the component's position in the world self.position_3d.update(self.bge_object) self.local_data['timestamp'] = self.robot_parent.gettime() if logger.isEnabledFor(logging.DEBUG): self.local_data['simulator_time'] = time.time() # record the time before performing the default action for profiling if self.profile: time_before_action = time.time() # Call the regular action function of the component self.default_action() # record the time before calling modifiers for profiling if self.profile: time_before_modifiers = time.time() # Data modification functions for function in self.output_modifiers: function() # record the time before calling datastreams for profiling if self.profile: time_before_datastreams = time.time() # Lastly output functions for function in self.output_functions: function(self) # profiling if self.profile: time_now = time.time() self.time["profile"] += time_now - time_before_action self.time["profile_action"] += time_before_modifiers - time_before_action self.time["profile_modifiers"] += time_before_datastreams - time_before_modifiers self.time["profile_datastreams"] += time_now - time_before_datastreams morse_time = time_now - self.time_start for key in self.profile: ratio = self.time[key] / morse_time # format the display self.bge_object[key] = "%4.1f%% %s"% (100.0 * ratio, '█' * int(10 * ratio)) if morse_time > 1: # re-init mean every sec for key in self.profile: self.time[key] = 0.0 self.time_start = time.time()
[docs] @service def get_local_data(self): """ Returns the current data stored in the sensor. :return: a dictionary of the current sensor's data """ return self.local_data