Source code for morse.builder.robots.human

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morserobots." + __name__)
from morse.builder import bpymorse
from morse.builder import GroundRobot
from morse.builder.actuators import Armature
from morse.builder.sensors import ArmaturePose

[docs]class Human(GroundRobot): """ Append a human model to the scene. Usage example: .. code-block:: python #! /usr/bin/env morseexec from morse.builder import * human = Human() human.translate(x=5.5, y=-3.2, z=0.0) human.rotate(z=-3.0) human.skeleton.add_stream('pocolibs') Currently, only one human per simulation is supported. Detailed documentation ---------------------- The MORSE human avatar is based on a 3D model generated from MakeHuman, and stored in human_rig.blend. The model is rigged with an armature (`human.skeleton`), used to control the postures of the human and to deform accordingly the human mesh. This armature is used by MORSE as both a :doc:`sensor to read and export the human pose <../sensors/armature_pose>` and :doc:`an actuator <../actuators/armature>` to modify the pose. TODO: give code examples to read and modify the pose The armature defines 5 particular points (**IK targets**) that can be manipulated to control the human model in a simpler way: the head, the two wrists and the two feet. """ # list of human bones that we want to control via IK targets IK_TARGETS = ["head", "wrist_L", "wrist_R", "foot_L", "foot_R"] def __init__(self, filename='human_rig', name = None): """ :param filename: the human model. Default: 'human_rig' """ GroundRobot.__init__(self, filename, name) = "morse.robots.human.Human") self.skeleton = None try: self.skeleton = Armature(armature_name = self.get_child("HumanSkeleton").name) self.append(self.skeleton) except KeyError: logger.error("Could not find the human armature! (I was looking " +\ "for an object called 'HumanSkeleton' in the children " + \ "objects of the human). I won't be able to export the " + \ "human pose to any middleware.") if self.skeleton: self.skeleton.create_ik_targets(self.IK_TARGETS) for t, name in self.skeleton.ik_targets: t.parent = self._bpy_object # Add an armature sensor. "joint_stateS" to match standard ROS spelling. self.joint_states = ArmaturePose("joint_states") self.skeleton.append(self.joint_states)
[docs] def add_interface(self, interface): if interface == "socket": self.joint_states.add_stream("socket") self.joint_states.add_service("socket") self.skeleton.add_service('socket') elif interface == "ros": self.joint_states.add_stream("ros") self.skeleton.add_service("ros") self.skeleton.add_overlay("ros", "morse.middleware.ros.overlays.armatures.ArmatureController") elif interface == "pocolibs":"morse.sensors.human_posture.HumanPosture") self.add_stream(interface)