Source code for morse.builder.creator

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morsebuilder." + __name__)
from morse.builder import AbstractComponent, bpymorse
from morse.core.exceptions import *

[docs]class ComponentCreator(AbstractComponent): _classpath = None _blendname = None APPEND_EMPTY = 0 USE_BLEND = 1 LINK_EXISTING_OBJECT = 2 def __init__(self, name, category, action = APPEND_EMPTY, blendfile = "", blendobject = None, make_morseable = True): """ ComponentCreator constructor This class allow to create simulation components from MORSE builder scripts. It initially consists in an Empty object, to which you can then add meshs of your choice. It adds automaticaly the logic (Always sensor link to a Python controller). And set the default physics_type to 'NO_COLLISION'. :param name: (string) component name (used as Blender object name) :param category: (string) one of ['actuators', 'sensors', 'robots'] :param action: indicate what to do with the `blendfile` and `blendobject` parameters. Must be one of [APPEND_EMPTY, USE_BLEND, LINK_EXISTING_OBJECT]. - If APPEND_EMPTY (default), a new Blender `Empty` is created and `blendfile` and `blendobject` are ignored. - If USE_BLEND, `blendfile` is treated as the path to a Blender file, and if `blendobject` is also specified, the given object is selected (otherwise, the last object selected in the Blender file is returned). - If LINK_EXISTING_OBJECT, `blendfile` is ignored and `blendobject` is treated as the name of a Blender object which is already present in the scene. :param blendfile: (string, default:"") path to a Blender file (.blend) containing meshes for the component. Must be in MORSE_RESOURCE_PATH. :param blendobject: (string, default:None) Name of the Blender object to use (cf above for details). :param make_morseable: (boolean) Add Morse logic. Make it false if you add some blend file which already contains the necessary logic (default: True). """ AbstractComponent.__init__(self, filename=blendfile, category=category) bpymorse.deselect_all() if action == ComponentCreator.APPEND_EMPTY: bpymorse.add_morse_empty() elif action == ComponentCreator.USE_BLEND: self.append_meshes() if blendobject: bpymorse.select_only(bpymorse.get_object(blendobject)) elif action == ComponentCreator.LINK_EXISTING_OBJECT: bpymorse.select_only(bpymorse.get_object(blendobject)) obj = bpymorse.get_first_selected_object() if name: = name self.basename = name # no collision by default for components = 'NO_COLLISION' self.set_blender_object(obj) # Add MORSE logic if make_morseable: self.morseable() = True, classpath = self.__class__._classpath) self.frequency(60)
[docs] def parent_root(self, objects): # Parent the root objects with this Component for child in objects: if not child.parent: child.matrix_parent_inverse.identity() child.parent = self._bpy_object
[docs] def append_meshes(self, objects=None, component=None, prefix=None): """ Append the objects to this component Overloads :py:meth:`morse.builder.abstractcomponent.AbstractComponent.append_meshes` :param objects: list of the objects names to append :param component: component in which the objects are located :return: list of the imported Blender objects """ imported_objects = AbstractComponent.append_meshes(self, objects, component, prefix) self.parent_root(imported_objects) return imported_objects
[docs] def append_collada(self, component=None): """ Append Collada objects to this component Overloads :py:meth:`morse.builder.abstractcomponent.AbstractComponent.append_collada` :param component: component in which the objects are located :return: list of the imported Blender objects """ imported_objects = AbstractComponent.append_collada(self, component) self.parent_root(imported_objects) return imported_objects
[docs]class SensorCreator(ComponentCreator): def __init__(self, name = None, action = ComponentCreator.APPEND_EMPTY, make_morseable = True): ComponentCreator.__init__(self, name, 'sensors', action, blendfile = self.__class__._blendname, make_morseable = make_morseable)
[docs]class ActuatorCreator(ComponentCreator): def __init__(self, name = None, action = ComponentCreator.APPEND_EMPTY, blendfile = None, blendobject = None, make_morseable = True): if not blendfile: blendfile = self.__class__._blendname ComponentCreator.__init__(self, name, 'actuators', action, blendfile, blendobject, make_morseable)