Source code for morse.builder.actuators

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morsebuilder." + __name__)
from morse.builder.creator import ComponentCreator, ActuatorCreator
from morse.builder.blenderobjects import *
from morse.core.exceptions import MorseBuilderError

[docs]class Arucomarker(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.arucomarker.Arucomarker" _blendname = "arucomarker" def __init__(self, name=None): ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name) self.append_meshes(['white_plane', 'arplane', 'arplane.back'])
[docs]class Destination(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.destination.Destination"
[docs]class ForceTorque(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.force_torque.ForceTorque"
[docs]class MocapControl(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.mocap_control.MocapControl"
# Gripper uses Actuator from morse.builder
[docs]class Gripper(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.gripper.Gripper" _blendname = "gripper" def __init__(self, name=None): ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name, action = ActuatorCreator.USE_BLEND, make_morseable = False) = 60.0, Distance = 0.5)
[docs] def properties(self, **kwargs): radar =["Radar"] if 'Angle' in kwargs: radar.angle = kwargs['Angle'] if 'Distance' in kwargs: radar.distance = kwargs['Distance'], **kwargs)
[docs]class Keyboard(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.keyboard.Keyboard" def __init__(self, name=None): ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name) self.mark_unexportable()
[docs]class Joystick(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.joystick.Joystick" def __init__(self, name=None, index=0): """ Create a new Joystick controller :param index: Which joystick to use :type index: int in [0, 7], default 0 """ ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name) self.mark_unexportable() obj = bpymorse.get_context_object() # replace Always sensor by Joystick sensor sensor =[-1] sensor.type = 'JOYSTICK' # need to get the new Joystick Sensor object sensor =[-1] sensor.use_pulse_true_level = True sensor.joystick_index = index sensor.event_type = 'AXIS' sensor.use_all_events = True
[docs]class Orientation(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.orientation.Orientation"
[docs]class PA10(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.pa_10.PA10" _blendname = "pa_10" def __init__(self, name=None): ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name, action = ComponentCreator.USE_BLEND, make_morseable = False) = 1.0)
[docs]class PTU(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.ptu.PTU" _blendname = "ptu" def __init__(self, name=None): ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name) = 1.0, Manual = False, Tolerance = 0.01) # append PanBase with its logic self.append_meshes(['PanBase', 'TiltBase'])
[docs]class RotorcraftAttitude(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.rotorcraft_attitude.RotorcraftAttitude"
[docs]class RotorcraftVelocity(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.rotorcraft_velocity.RotorcraftVelocity"
[docs]class RotorcraftWaypoint(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.rotorcraft_waypoint.RotorcraftWaypoint"
[docs]class StabilizedQuadrotor(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.stabilized_quadrotor.StabilizedQuadrotor"
[docs]class SteerForce(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.steer_force.SteerForce"
[docs]class Teleport(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.teleport.Teleport"
[docs]class MotionVW(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.v_omega.MotionVW"
[docs]class MotionVWDiff(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.v_omega_diff_drive.MotionVWDiff"
[docs]class Waypoint(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.waypoint.Waypoint" def __init__(self, name=None): ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name) = "") # append 2 Radar with logic self.add_lr_radars()
[docs] def add_lr_radars(self): self.add_radar('Radar.L', 'Lcollision', +1) self.add_radar('Radar.R', 'Rcollision', -1)
[docs] def add_radar(self, name, collision, fact): bpymorse.deselect_all() bpymorse.add_object(type='EMPTY') # bpymorse.add_empty(type='ARROWS') obj = bpymorse.get_context_object() = name obj.location = (0.7, fact*0.4, 0.8) obj.parent = self._bpy_object bpymorse.new_game_property(type='BOOL', name=collision) prop =[-1] prop.value = False bpymorse.add_sensor(type="RADAR") sensor =[-1] sensor.angle = 5.0 sensor.distance = 3.0 sensor.axis = 'XAXIS' sensor.use_pulse_true_level = True self._set_sensor_frequency(sensor, 20) self.radar_set_collision(obj, sensor, 'LOGIC_AND', collision, True) self.radar_set_collision(obj, sensor, 'LOGIC_NAND', collision, False)
[docs] def radar_set_collision(self, obj, sensor, controller_type, collision, value): bpymorse.add_controller(type=controller_type) controller =[-1] bpymorse.add_actuator(type='PROPERTY') actuator =[-1] actuator.mode = 'TOGGLE' = collision actuator.mode = 'ASSIGN' actuator.value = str(value) = sensor, actuator = actuator)
[docs]class MotionXYW(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.xy_omega.MotionXYW"
[docs]class Light(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.light.Light" def __init__(self, name=None): self.light = None ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name) self.light = Spot("LightSpot") self.append(self.light)
[docs] def properties(self, **kwargs):, **kwargs) if self.light: spot = if spot.type == 'SPOT': if "size" in kwargs.keys(): spot.spot_size = kwargs['size'] if "distance" in kwargs.keys(): spot.distance = kwargs['distance'] if "color" in kwargs.keys(): import re spot.color = tuple(int(v) for v in re.findall("[0-9]+", kwargs['color']))
[docs]class Sound(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.sound.Sound" def __init__(self, name=None): ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name)"play") bpymorse.add_actuator(type="SOUND", name="MORSE_SOUND") actuator =[-1] controller =[-1]
[docs] def open(self, filepath): # just to raise a FileNotFoundError open(filepath).close() actuator =[-1] #if bpymorse.open_sound(filepath=filepath) actuator.sound = bpymorse.get_last_sound() actuator.use_sound_3d = True actuator.distance_3d_max = 10000.0
[docs]class Armature(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.armature.Armature" def __init__(self, name = None, armature_name = None, model_name = None): """ Initialize an armature Either `armature_name` or `model_name` or both must be specified. :param armature_name: Armature object name :param model_name: Armature model name, if any """ if not armature_name and not model_name: raise MorseBuilderError("You need to specify either the name of " \ "an armature or a Blender model in order to create an " \ "armature actuator.") if model_name: ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name, action = ComponentCreator.USE_BLEND, blendfile = model_name, blendobject = armature_name, make_morseable = True) else: ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name, action = ComponentCreator.LINK_EXISTING_OBJECT, blendobject = armature_name, make_morseable = True) self.ik_targets = [] # the user may have created IK constraints on the armature, without # setting an IK target. In that case, we add such a target for bone in self._bpy_object.pose.bones: for c in bone.constraints: if c.type == 'IK' and c.ik_type == 'DISTANCE': if not self.create_ik_targets([]) def _get_posebone(self, bone_name): """ Returns a given PoseBone in the armature. If the joint does not exist, throw an exception. """ armature = self._bpy_object if bone_name not in [ for c in armature.pose.bones]: msg = "Joint <%s> does not exist in model %s." % (bone_name, msg += " Did you add a skeleton to your model in MakeHuman?" raise MorseBuilderError(msg) return armature.pose.bones[bone_name]
[docs] def create_ik_targets(self, bones): # Bug with iTaSC! cf if bpymorse.version() < (2, 70, 0): if self._bpy_object.pose.ik_solver == 'ITASC': logger.warn("Due to a bug in Blender (T37894), only the standard " \ "IK solver can be used with IK targets. Switching " \ "from iTaSC to standard IK solver.") self._bpy_object.pose.ik_solver = 'LEGACY' for target in bones: posebone = self._get_posebone(target) bpymorse.add_morse_empty("ARROWS") empty = bpymorse.get_first_selected_object() empty.scale = [0.01, 0.01, 0.01] empty.matrix_local = posebone.bone.matrix_local empty.location = posebone.bone.tail_local existing_ik = [c for c in posebone.constraints if c.type == 'IK'] if len(existing_ik) == 1: ik_constraint = existing_ik[0] elif existing_ik: raise MorseBuilderError("Bone %s has several IK constraints." \ "MORSE supports only one IK constraint per bone. Please " \ "remove other ones.") else: ik_constraint ="IK") ik_constraint.ik_type = "DISTANCE" ik_constraint.use_rotation = True ik_constraint.use_tail = True = empty self.ik_targets.append((empty, target))
[docs] def after_renaming(self): for empty, target in self.ik_targets: = "ik_target." + + "." + target
[docs]class KukaLWR(Armature): """ This actuator provides a KUKA LWR mesh with the associated kinematic chain. An IK target is available on the last join, allowing for cartesian control of the arm. See :doc:`the general documentation on armatures <../actuators/armature>` for details. """ _name = "KUKA LWR" _short_desc="7DoF KUKA Lightweight Robotic Arm (LWR)" def __init__(self, name=None): Armature.__init__(self, name, model_name = "kuka_lwr") self.create_ik_targets(["kuka_7"])
[docs]class Drag(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.drag.Drag" def __init__(self, name=None): ActuatorCreator.__init__(self, name) self.mark_unexportable()
[docs]class ExternalForce(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.external_force.ExternalForce"
[docs]class QuadrotorDynamicControl(ActuatorCreator): _classpath = "morse.actuators.quadrotor_dynamic_control.QuadrotorDynamicControl"
# end morse.builder.actuators