Supervision services

MORSE exposes several services to remotely manage and monitor the simulator.

These services are automatically exposed on a socket interface, on port 4000.

All these services belongs to a virtual component called simulation and follows the normal syntax for socket requests. Thus, a request to retrieve the list of robots would look like that:

> telnet localhost 4000
Connected to localhost.
> req1 simulation list_robots
req1 OK ['Robot1', 'Robot2']

Or using pymorse

import pymorse
with pymorse.Morse() as sim:
    sim.rpc('simulation', 'get_camarafp_projection_matrix')
    sim.rpc('simulation', 'set_camarafp_far_clip', 1000)

Available services

  • list_robots (no parameter): returns the list of the robots currently available in the simulation
  • reset_objects (no parameter): reset the position of all objects in the simulation (in other word, restart the simulation)
  • quit (no parameter): quit the game mode and so terminate the simulation
  • activate (component_name): Activate the functionality of the specified component
  • deactivate (component_name): Deactivate the functionality of the specified component
  • suspend_dynamics (no parameter): suspend the physics at the game engine level
  • restore_dynamics (no parameter): enable again the physics at the game engine level
  • details (no parameter): returns a structure containing the details about the simulation currently running, including the list of robots, the list of services and datastreams, ...
  • set_log_level cmpnt (string) level (string): changes the level of logging for the component cmpnt to the level level.
  • get_scene_objects (no parameter): returns an hierarchical dictionary structure of all objects in the scene along with their positions and orientations (as quaternion).
  • set_object_visibility cmpnt (string) visible (bool): make the object referenced by cmpnt visible or invisible (it still exists at physic level)
  • set_object_dynamics cmpnt (string) state (bool): enable or disable the dynamics (physics) associated to component cmpnt.
  • set_camarafp_far_clip Set the CamaraFP (MORSE’ environment camera) far clipping distance. (float)
  • set_camarafp_position Set the CamaraFP world position. [x, y, z]
  • set_camarafp_transform Set the CamaraFP world space 4x4 transform matrix.
  • set_camarafp_projection_matrix Set the CamaraFP 4x4 projection matrix.
  • get_camarafp_projection_matrix Get the CamaraFP 4x4 projection matrix.


Simulation services are stored in morse.core.supervision_services.

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