ROS Installation Notes

ROS Groovy

Same as ROS Fuerte with just few more steps.

Run sudo rosdep init and rosdep update as mentionned in the installation wiki

Install catkin for Python 3 support:

git clone git:// -b 0.1.9
cd catkin_pkg
sudo python3 install

git clone git://
cd catkin
sudo python3 install

ROS Fuerte

MORSE is based on Blender and requires Python 3. Python 3 is partially supported by ROS Fuerte.

First, install MORSE using the installation instructions. Make sure to set the BUILD_ROS_SUPPORT parameter to ON when calling cmake! eg.:

  1. Install ROS Fuerte if needed:

  2. Install Python 3 using your system package manager (available in Ubuntu >= 11.04) or manually from the sources, and make sure your $PYTHONPATH variable includes the Python 3 libraries:

    sudo apt-get install python3-dev
  3. Install PyYAML with Python3 support (package python3-yaml on Debian/Ubuntu, or you can get the sources from ) and build it using python3:

    tar xvf PyYAML-3.10.tar.gz
    cd PyYAML-3.10
    sudo python3 install
  4. Install rospkg using Python3:

    sudo python3
    git clone git://
    cd rospkg
    sudo python3 install
  5. Open a terminal and check if everything is correctly set. Therefore, open a terminal and type:

    morse check

    If successful, the following line will be printed after some other information about your configuration:

    * Your environment is correctly setup to run MORSE.

  6. Done. You can start having fun with MORSE and ROS!


  • urandom error : make sure your python3 version is equal to the one in Blender.
  • No module named 'rospkg' : install rospkg with Python3 as in ROS Fuerte #4
  • No module named 'roslib' : source /opt/ros/***/setup.bash.
  • No module named 'error' : Yaml for Python2 is running instead of Python3, fix your PYTHONPATH.

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