What’s new in MORSE 0.4.x?

The MORSE 0.4.x series has been code-named the multi-node release.

General changes

Architectural changes

  • Added infrastructure for multi-node functionality
  • New Builder API to create scene from Python description. This allows powerful programmable scene creation, much lighter scenario files, and easier to track changes (since its a text format, instead of binary Blender files).
  • Changed directory structure and file names for ease of use of the Builder API.
  • Pervasive use the Python logging interface


  • Added support for multiple middleware bindings per component
  • Added support for services through Pocolibs middleware
  • ROS support for the robot’s cameras
  • Added support for HLA middleware
  • Added support for MOOS middleware

New components

  • Added a Hummer robot that implements the Blender Vehicle Wrapper
  • Added a steer_force actuator to control the Hummer robot
  • Added an armature_actuator to control the bone structure in the LWR and PR2 robot arms

User interface

  • Add a help display with the keyboard shortcuts available during simulation. Activated by pressing the H key

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