Morse Component object modelΒΆ

The following diagram a partial view of the class hierarchy currently used in MORSE.


The morse.core.abstractobject.AbstractObject contains the logic to handle services (service). It contains also an ordered dictionary local_data, which is used to communicate between the different layer of Morse. It is important to have an OrderedDict and not a standard Dict because order are used for some middleware serialization (and it is not well defined in the case of Dict).

The morse.core.object.Object contains the logic for real objects. They own a reference to their associated blender object morse.core.object.Object.bge_object, and contain the basic logic about their spatial relation.

morse.core.sensor.Sensor and morse.core.actuator.Actuator are specialization of this class, respectively for sensor and actuator. They add some arrays to store their modifiers, and their datastream handlers, and override their action method. See this document to learn what happens when these method are called.

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