Coding guidelines


Coding conventions in MORSE follows Python’s PEP 008. It means in particular:

  • use space for indentation, not tab (4 space)
  • 80 character max by lines
  • class name are in CamelCase, variables and methods are in lower case, possibly with underscores.
  • variable starting by an underscore are private
  • comment the code.


Moreover, we rely on the standard Python logging framework. Please use it, and don’t use print()! Using print is cumbersome on big projects!

To use logging in your module:

import logging; logger = logging.getLogger("morse." + __name__)

# logger.debug("...")
# ...etc

MORSE is set to use by default the INFO logging level. You can easily set the logging level to DEBUG in a specific module by adding to it:



MORSE have a cool unit-testing system. When you submit new stuff, it is nice to add some tests which demonstrate how it is supposed to work. It helps the maintenance of the project on the long-term.

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