An odometry sensor that returns raw, partially integrated or fully integrated displacement information.

This sensor produces relative displacement with respect to the position and rotation in the previous Blender tick. It can compute too the position of the robot with respect to its original position, and the associated speed.

The angles for yaw, pitch and roll are given in radians.


This sensor always provides perfect data. To obtain more realistic readings, it is recommended to add modifiers.

  • Noise modifier: Adds random Gaussian noise to the data
  • Odometry Noise modifier: Simulate scale factor error and gyroscope drift

Configuration parameters for Odometry

No configurable parameter.

Available functional levels

Functional levels are predefined abstraction or realism levels for the sensor.

Services for Odometry

  • get_configurations() (blocking)

    Returns the configurations of a component (parsed from the properties).

    • Return value

      a dictionary of the current component’s configurations

  • get_properties() (blocking)

    Returns the properties of a component.

    • Return value

      a dictionary of the current component’s properties

  • get_local_data() (blocking)

    Returns the current data stored in the sensor.

    • Return value

      a dictionary of the current sensor’s data

  • set_property(prop_name, prop_val) (blocking)

    Modify one property on a component

    • Parameters

      • prop_name: the name of the property to modify (as shown the documentation)
      • prop_val: the new value of the property. Note that there is no checking about the type of the value so be careful
    • Return value



The following examples show how to use this component in a Builder script:

from morse.builder import *

# adds a default robot (the MORSE mascott!)
robot = Morsy()

# creates a new instance of the sensor
odometry = Odometry()

# place your component at the correct location
odometry.translate(<x>, <y>, <z>)
odometry.rotate(<rx>, <ry>, <rz>)

# select a specific abstraction level (cf below), or skip it to use default level


# define one or several communication interface, like 'socket'

env = Environment('empty')

Other sources of examples

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